XC Skiing on the Pipestone

The Pipestone is one of my favorite places to ski. Being close to Lake Louise, it’s usually in condition fairly early and because it’s on the other side of the lake, it’s always free of tourists. The parking lot may be full of skiers on the weekends but since it’s a loop where most people ski in one recommended direction, it’s never really seems too busy.

  • Distance : 13.4km
  • Max Elevation : 1739m
  • Elevation Gain : 180m
  • Time : 2h 29m

After spending a few weeks in Toronto for my Xmas break, I was anxious to return to cross country skiing to burn off the calories I accumulated during my visit. The Pipestone immediately came to mind since it had opened during my absence. Although it had sufficient snow earlier in the season, it happened to be closed for some construction in its vicinity.

My partner for the day was Shogo, a friend who wanted to try out cross country skiing. He would be the 7th person this season who I would introduce to cross country skiing. I knew the Pipestone wasn’t exactly a beginners trail but I knew Shogo could handle it since he was one of those guys lucky enough to excel at any sport. 

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