My partner standing on the ridge on Lady MacDonald in Canmore. Oblivious to the sheer drop on its side.

My first experience with scrambling took place during the summer of 1999. At that time, I had just arrived for a one week mountaineering course with Yamnuska in the Canadian Rockies and decided to scramble up a peak called Heart Mountain. Little did I know that I’d eventually move out west and climb this peak around a dozen more times.

Since moving to Alberta in 2003, my first 12 years in the mountains have consisted mostly of scrambling. Since then, my interests have changed to canoeing and kayaking and my hope is to shift the focus of this site towards towards those activities – hence the naming of this site.

With that being said, I’m guessing that most of the visitors to my site will come from a trip report which I’ve posted in the past. To that extent, I’ve created a sortable table which lists some of the scrambles I’ve done in the past. I’ll try to update the table and port over some trip reports as time permits.

MountainAreaElevation (m)Elevation Gain (m)First Climbed
Akamina, RidgeWaterton260013002006-10-14
Arethusa, MountHighwood Pass29127502007-07-21
Baldy, MountBow Valley21928002003-09-14
Big Sister, MountBow Valley293612002004-10-03
Bell, MountLake Louise291015002008-07-19
Bourgeau, MountBanff293015002005-07-17
Buller, MountSmith Dorian280510102004-09-26
Burstall, MountSmith Dorian27608902005-08-21
Cascade, MountainBanff299813252006-09-10
Chester, MountSmith Dorian305411502003-07-20
Cirque, PeakIcefields Parkway299310502008-07-27
Cory, MountBanff280213702006-08-27
Cougar, MountainElbow/Kananaskis286312502008-08-02
Crandell, MountWaterton237810402008-07-13
Crowsnest, MountainCrowsnest Pass278511002008-06-28
Dolomite, PeakIcefields Parkway299811002007-09-15
East End, Mount RundleBow Valley25909002003-07-20
Edith, MountBanff255411202005-07-28
Eiffel, PeakLake Louise308412302007-07-28
Engadine, MountSmith Dorian297011702005-07-08
Fable, MountBow Valley270213252007-10-14
Fairview, MountLake Louise274410002000-08-21
Fist, TheSmith Dorian26307702006-07-16
Fortress, TheSmith Dorian300511002003-10-05
Gap, PeakBow Valley244010632005-08-27
Gap, MountainElbow/Kananaskis26757802004-08-15
Grizzly, PeakElbow/Kananaskis25009002005-09-06
Gusty, PeakSmith Dorian300011002011-07-31
Grotto, MountainBow Valley270614052003-8-10
Ha Ling, PeakBow Valley24087002003-06-30
Heart, MountainBow Valley21358751999-09-02
Indefatigable, MountKananaskis Lakes267010002006-07-30
Kidd, MountElbow/Kananaskis295813502005-05-22
Lady Macdonald, MountBow Valley260511502003-08-03
Lawrence Grassi, MountBow Valley26859452003-06-30
Middle SisterBow Valley276914002004-09-19
Mist MountainHighwood Pass314010502011-08-13
Niblock, MountLake Louise297612602005-08-06
Nihahi, RidgeElbow/Kananaskis25309302007-07-07
Norquay, MountBanff252210002004-10-02
Opal (N Summit), RidgeElbow/Kananaskis25758702007-08-16
Paget, PeakYoho256010002009-09-28
Panorama, RidgeLake Louise280010002008-07-26
Rae, MountHighwood Pass321810002007-09-09
Rimwall SummitBow Valley268010202003-09-07
Rundle, MountBanff294915702003-08-10
Sheol, MountainLake Louise277910602008-07-05
Smuts, MountSmith Dorian293810752006-09-03
Squaws TitBow Valley26859452003-06-03
St. Piran, MountLake Louise26499002005-07-06
Stephen, MountYoho319919202011-08-27
Temple, MountLake Louise354316902008-08-17
Tower, TheSmith Dorian311712602011-08-07
Tower of BabelLake Louise23604502004-07-31
Turtle, MountainCrowsnest Pass220412302006-05-21
Tyrwhitt, MountHighwood Pass28746502006-10-28
Vermillion, PeakBanff262212602007-09-08
Wilcox, PeakIcefields Parkway28849002010-10-03
Whymper, MountBanff284512502008-08-24
Whyte, MountLake Louise298312672005-08-06
Wedge, TheElbow/Kananaskis266511002004-09-04
Yamnuska, MountBow Valley22409002003-08-29