A picture I managed to take at work. Quite embarrassing but also quite hilarious.

Over the last 20+ years, I’ve made it a habit to document most of my trips. They started off in the form of a text document which I’d then attach with photos and email to a list of interested individuals. They then progressed to a simple web page while others were interactive with clickable maps.

Unfortunately, that good habit was offset by my bad habit of not taking good backups. Because of that, a lot of content has been lost due to sloppy migration procedures, careless handling of files and pure laziness.

One of these days, I’ll have to go through a pile of floppies and IDE drives and see if I can retrieve some useful files. But in the meantime, here are some old trips I was able to scrap together. Most of the content is from 10+ years ago and as such, the formatting and presentation is quite dated. However, I’m hoping that someone will find the content worthwhile and useful.

DateTrip NameBrief Description
09/03/2001An Adventure on Ishpatina RidgeSeeking the highest point of Ontario.
07/28/2002Getting lost on Cape Breton IslandSeeking the highest point of Nova Scotia
09/01/2002Up the Creek with a PaddleAn epic story of moronic behavior
07/23/2005Skyline Trail, Jasper National ParkBackpacking the most famous trail in Jasper
09/08/2005Elbow LoopMountain biking a classic loop in Kananaskis
10/10/2005Lake MinnewankaMountain biking a classic near Banff townsite
08/12/2006Bicycle tour of the Canadian RockiesA tour from Calgary to Jasper with a detour of the Golden Triangle
03/22/2007Tonquin ValleySki touring in the depths of Jasper